Silvino Medina Cardona



About me

My name is Silvino Medina and I'm a video game designer and developer student (for the moment). I've always been a passionate of videogames and everything related with multimedia. My favourite videogames are Rocket League and Uncharted 4, which belongs to my favorite saga, Uncharted. Apart from that, I also love sports, specially tennis, which I have practiced for over 8 years. At the moment my favorite fields in terms of video game development are programming and 3D modeling, however, I am open to discover other fields and new things that may appear.

My contributions

Although my role in the team was implementing all the audio of the game and making it feel profesional, as we were a small team and there were many things to do, I've worked in many different areas apart from the audio one. Here are some of the tasks I have worked on:


Thanks to this project I've learned and improved a lot both personally and profesionally. I've learned on how to organize myself to face a project of this caliber and also understanding what working as a team means, since it is not letting everyone do their job, it is more about helping each other to do it as well as possible. As for the profesional side, I have improved in my programing and designing skills, but also I have learned a lot about how audio works in a game and how important is it to implement it. Finally, I can't end my conclusion without praising all my teammates for their commitment, effort and hard work that have made this project possible.