Pol Juan Santos



About me

Hey!!! My name is Pol and I'm the game designer for the project. Born in Barcelona on May 22nd, 2000, I've had a lot of creativity since i was a child. I have played videogames of all kinds my entire life (platformers, mmorpgs, shooters...), but it wasn't until I got much older that I started asking myself questions about the games I was playing. Why do I love doing wall-jumps with Mario? Why do I like doing a consecutive combos in the air with Sonic? Why is Dark Souls difficult? Questions that awoke my curiosity, which drove me to decide my future. And so it is, I chose to be a game designer. My dream is to work at Nintendo or Sega, not only because they are two of the most veteran companies in the market, but because I love their ideas. I grew with them, and I want to help growing their legacy. So prepare yourself, world, because the next Miyamoto is incoming.


My Contribution

My principal role was as the designer, where i tried to give my best by thinking new mechanics to improved our beloved game. But after all, we worked as a team, so i helped whoever needed an extra pair of hands, and the same in my case.

However, here are some tasks that i gave my best:

  • Ghouls(melee and buildings) spritesheets
  • Braham spritesheet
  • Upgrade system
  • Map design and creation
  • Win and lose screen and condition(prototype)
  • Quests
  • Dialogs
  • Tutorial
  • Balancing
  • Mr Handy and radar(theorical design)
  • Save and Load
  • And the website where you are reading this


Final Thoughts

First of all, stressful, but also amazing. And that's normal, because we are talking about making a videogame not inflating a balloon. It's not something you can do quick and easy. No, it's a long and difficult path you have to follow. But thankfully you walk this path with more people, who will eventually become your team. That team, in turn, will become a family. And I'm very happy and grateful toward this family, all of them. I have learnt a lot about design and improved my programming skills, but most importantly I'm glad to have been able to express my creativity in the project. And for that, I would like to conclude by expressing my gratitude to the lead Audio manager, the lead Artist, the lead Programmer, the Manager, the QA Manager, the User Interface manager and most importantly the Team Leader of the group. Thank you guys for letting me work with you!!