Pablo Galve Millán

QA Manager


About Me

Born in Ibiza, Spain on 7th of January, 2000. I consider myself someone who is easy to get along with and I am totally committed to work in projects in which I believe in order to bring them to life.

My passion for programming and technology led me to start my career down this path. I also love sports, communication, travel, and generally being constantly growing.


My Contribution

My main responsibility was assuring the quality of our project through coordinating the team into reporting issues and solving them as efficient and smoothly as possible.
However, I was also involved in coding tasks:

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed being part of this project as I trully understood the value of team-work, cooperation and helping out each other.

It is really important for me to have good communication levels with my team mates, as well as to follow agile methodologies to ensure that we are always organized and work in an efficient and healty environment. And I am pleased that my team did all of this from the very start.

At first we worked together and made face to face meetings periodically to set new goals and learn about failures to become a better team. However, due to the quarantine we had to rapidly switch to a remote environment. I can say that we all inmediatelly adapted smoothly to the new reality and continued the development. I would even say that the situation made us improve a lot more!