Marc Pagès Francesch

Team Leader


About Me

Born in Reus on 28th of June of 2000. Due to my passion for video games and my interest in computer science and graphics I started my video game development degree in CITM in Terrassa. I like doing sport, travelling, cooking, reading and learning all kind of things, from history to science. Trying to improve a little bit every day is my main goal!

My Contribution

entities minimap console dialogs

Final thoughts

Working on this project has taught me many things and has made me become a better student and game developer. I have learned many things about C++ and programming in general but the aspect I value the most is the improvement in writing clean code, reinforcing my skills in finding bugs and solve problems. It has also taught me how to manage time and tasks to deliver in time and with the maximum quality possible. As a team leader I have been able to experience what's to manage a team and try to distribute the work but sincerelly it wouldn't have been possible without such a hardworking and creative team which has surprised me once and again with frequent samples of great ideas, innovations and improvements. Really glad to have worked with every one of them.