Germán Insua Perdomo



About Me

Born in Coruña on October 6, 1996 raised in Gran Canaria. As my mate Javier Belda I got a Certificate of Higher Education in 2D/3D animation, games and interactive environments but I wanted to go one step further focusing just in Game Development and specially code. I'm actually studying a Game Development Degree in Barcelona to achieve that goal, but Im also very interested in 3D modeling and texturing. Like videogames other of my passions that I enjoy doing are cooking and traveling(if I can), and always learn things from other fields non related with mine.

My Contribution

As Coder role, I've been in charge of implementing next project/game features:

Final thoughts

This project have been a rewarding experience related to personal knowledge obtained from team mates and work. I can say that each day you learn something new related to our field and thats the most valuable thing about working with other people. Regardless of the final result, we are happy with the work achieved, especially when seeing the evolution through time.