Christian Piña López

User Interface


About me

Born in Olesa de Montserrat on January 4, 2000. I completed my technology General Certificate of Education. I have always been passionate about video games, and since I was little I have been playing all kinds, like Pokémon Saga when I was a child or more actually like Valorant. During a time of my life I became part of an esports club in which I competed in Counter Strike as a player and I also started with a group of colleagues the development of a multiplayer Minecraft server in which I was in charge of building scenarios and as a "programmer" of minigames. In turn, I also spent a lot of time in cooperative and survival games like Ark Survival Evolved. Also one of my hobbies is playing the guitar, so I studied music and guitar for eight years, at Trinity College London, graduating in grade four of musical theory with distinction and grade two and three with merit.

My contribution

For this work I have focused more on the user interface part, but even so as a team, I have been touching a bit of everything and we have all been involved in the project. Even so these are the points where I have focused the most:

Final Thoughts

As a summary of all these months of hard work, in which we have had very stressful moments with crashes and bugs, I can say that I am proud of the video game that we have carried out, since it has served as a way to organize my work time much better and to improve my programming knowledge. Still, I think it has helped us get a better game and work in a more united team.